Linatex natural rubber for floor scrubber squeegees

What Makes Linatex® Special?

Linatex® premium rubber is made with 95 percent natural latex and exclusive manufacturing processes. The result is a material with ideal properties for use in floor squeegees.

  • 95% Natural Rubber
  • Excellent abrasion resistance in wet applications
  • Tear resistance ensures constant vacuum pressure
  • Superior water pick-up and dry time performance
  • Flexibility provides constant seal to profiled floor surfaces
  • Applied to front, rear and side squeegees

While other materials have some of the desired properties for use in floor squeegees, Linatex® meets more of those criteria than any other rubber. It stands alone in the marketplace.

Linatex® exhibits outstanding resilience, strength and resistance to cutting, tearing and abrasion. It's the most well-rounded of materials for floor care.

Chart showing Linatex resilience, strength, tear resistance, abrasion resistance properties.
Chart showing Linatex squeegee wet abrasion resistance compared to other squeegees.

WET ABRASION RESISTANCE—Rubber used in a floor squeegee endures wear from both abrasion and wet conditions. Excessive wear means diminished machine performance, and higher costs for both labor and materials

TEAR STRENGTH—A squeegee must create a seal with the floor so the vacuum system can recover water and suspended soils. Any tearing will break that seal and keep the squeegee from doing an effective job.

Chart showing Linatex squeegee tear strength compared to other squeegees.
Chart showing Linatex squeegee flexibility compared to other squeegees.

FLEXIBILITY—High modulus can create noise, vibration, and streaks of water where the rubber did not seal to the floor. LINATEX® requires less downforce to create an effective seal, which reduces machine effort and squeegee blade wear.

Naturally Strong, Eco-Friendly

  • 95% Natural Rubber
  • Renewable Resource
  • Lower Greenhouse Emissions
  • Energy-reduced Manufacturing Methods
Linatex natural rubber squeegees are eco-friendly.

LINATEX® and Midwest Rubber

Linatex squeegees can be purchased from Midwest Rubber.

In 1984 Midwest Rubber owner and CEO, Chuck Anderson met Al Bonneau from Linatex Ltd., at that time a wholly-owned subsidiary of Harrisons and Crosfield, Ltd. Bonneau was responsible for finding other applications for Linatex® rubber in different industriesᅠother than mining.


Anderson was familiar with Linatex® because of his experience selling conveyor belting to iron ore and mining customers in northern Minnesota.ᅠ He knew how Linatex® was invaluable to the mining industry, because the material exhibited outstanding strength, resilience and resistance to cutting and tearing in wet abrasion applications. He thought these same properties would be valuable if applied to squeegees for the floor care industry.


They discussed using Linatex® as floor cleaning squeegee blades and started producing prototypes for testing. Two years later, in 1986,  the first order was placed for Linatex® premium squeegees. Since that time Midwest Rubber has been selling Linatex® premium rubber floor care squeegees through out North America and later in Europe and Asia.


Linatex Ltd. was acquired in 2010 by The Weir Group PLC, an engineering solutions company in the minerals, oil and gas and power markets. Midwest Rubber continues its long relationship with Linatex® to produce Linatex® squeegees worldwide for Weir Minerals.


LINATEX® and the Linatex Red Color are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of Linatex Limited, a Weir Group PLC company.

Midwest Rubber is the authorized fabricator and distributor of floor cleaning products made with genuine LINATEX® rubber from Weir Minerals.