Linatex squeegee on tiled floor


Performance + Productivity = Profit

Better cleaning performance means less rework—and lower labor costs, reduced risk of safety claims, and lower costs for maintenance and parts. That’s why we recommend Linatex® squeegees and skirts for use with your floor scrubbers.

Linatex front, side and rear squeegees on floor scrubbing machine.

Linatex® contains more natural latex than most rubber squeegees. A specialty rubber made through a unique manufacturing process, Linatex® is specifically designed for wet abrasion environments. It holds its shape well, and resists edge wear and tearing. It conforms well to rough or uneven surfaces, improving water pick-up.

Floor care accounts for 40% of custodians’ time.

Source: ISSA and IEHA

Comparing Linatex vs. other rubber squeegees in a wet abrasion environment.


Learn how LINATEX® saved a retail warehouse store time and money while producing a clean, dry floor in one pass.

DRY Floors are Safe Floors

85% of workers’ compensation claims are due to employees slipping on slick floors.

Source: National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI)

Water left by a floor cleaning machine can contain soils, debris, and soap residue. That creates a hazard for anyone who uses the floor. According to the National Floor Safety Institute, slip-and-fall accidents cost billions of dollars each year in medical expenses, insurance payments and lost productivity. A cleaner floor is safer, brighter, and more pleasant to use.

Chart showing floor drying time comparison between Linatex and gum rubber.
Side-by-side comparison for drying time with Linatex and gum rubber.


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Midwest Rubber is the authorized fabricator and distributor of floor cleaning products made with genuine LINATEX® rubber from Weir Minerals.